First stage

Online judging for the subscribed aquariums

Second stage

Live judging and aquascaping in Bucharest

Third stage

Interactive workshop

Total prize

5400 RON

Regulation for registration and participation


The contests consists of two stages: ONLINE and LIVE in Bucharest.


The ONLINE stage


Registration period: 23 February , 2016 – April 15th, 2016 hours 12.00 

-  The contest is dedicated to aquarists in Romania

-  All persons that have a fresh water tank may register, regardless of the volume.

-  Only aquariums arranged and maintained by the participants are accepted and judged.

-  There are no preferred styles.

-  Participants shall send 3 photographs, frontal photograph, left corner and right corner photograph.

-  Only the aquatic part of the pool is judged.

-  Aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates are not judged.

-  Maximum 12 months old photographs of the works are accepted.

-  Registration of more works from a single participant is not accepted, as each participant has the right to register once only.

-  For an optimal judging, we expect quality and non-processed photographs. If the photographs are not sufficiently clear to be judged, they shall not be included in the contest.  

-  Judges shall not have access to the identification and contact data of the contestants.

-  Each registered participant shall receive a contest number.

-  The page of the contest shall display only frontal photographs of the pools accompanied by the contest number.

-  The 2 corner/ later pictures shall be visualized only by the members of the jury.  

-  Any issue related to the source and copyright of the pictures of participants does not represent liability of the organizer of this contest.

-  By accepting the regulation, participants agree that the photographs sent may be used by the organizer with total rights.

Judging period: April 15th, 2016 – April 22nd, 2016

Judging and scoring criteria:

-  Overall impression,1-10 points

-  Creativity, 1-10 points

-  Composition (plants, decorative elements), 1-10 points

-  Attention to details, 1-10 points

The final score is the arithmetic average of the points obtained on each category.   

Announcing the finalists for the final stage: April 23rd, 2016 hours 12.00

All participants shall receive by e-mail, the participation diploma and place obtained in the contest.


LIVE Stage


BUCHAREST May 7th-8th, 2016, Romexpo Exhibition Centre in the PetExpo 2016 event  

- Participants and visitors are expected on May 7th and 8th starting with 9 o’clock.

- The five finalists shall participate at the draw regarding the decorative materials and plants package to be used by them in decorating the five aquariums starting with 9 o’clock

 - Decorative materials, plants, aquariums and all the technical part related to the filtering and lighting technique are provided by Kronstil Aquaristik .

- Each contestant shall receive one full package of materials including aquariums, plants, rocks, roots, sublayer, filter, materials to arrange the aquarium during the 8 hours of contest.

 - Dimension of the aquariums: 120cm/ L x 40 cm/ l x 50cm/ h.

- Time interval for the finalists to decorate their aquarium is 10 - 18.

- Sunday morning, on May 8th, 2016 starting with 9 o’clock, finalists shall have an hour for the last retouches before judging.

- Judging the aquariums shall start at 10 and shall last two hours, at 12 the jury shall announce the winners of the Aquatic Design Contest  2016 edition in the awarding ceremony.

- The judging criteria shall be the same as those in the ONLINE stage


Kronstil Aquaristik team wishes you good luck!


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2000 Lei


1500 Lei


1000 Lei


500 Lei


400 Lei

Our jury

membru juriu

Valentin Druga

Acvarist cu experienta notabila , cei 23 de ani pentru pasiune si implicare in acvaristica transformati intr-un ihtiolog deosebit!


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membru juriu

Mihai Victor

Acvarist, biolog, arbitru international si autor al primei expozitii profesionale de acvaristica si al primei conferinte internationale de acvaristica din Romania.


Mai mult

membru juriu

Victor Zaharia

Avand o experienta de 20 de ani in domeniu, Victor Zaharia este un autodidact perfectionist si un expert al plantelor acvatice.


Mai mult

membru juriu

Dragos Chirita

Recomandat si recunoscut in mediul online, cu un interes deosebit pentru pentru tot ceea ce inseamna tehnic, o prezenta constanta pe forumurile


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